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How To Ask Your Family For Donations (Sample Script)

Family Donation Request

While it may feel uncomfortable to ask family for donations, they are probably the ones that will be the most enthusiastic to support you and your school. Here are some suggestions and a sample script to help you find the right words.

Communicate early

Consider reaching out to your family before your fundraiser begins and if it is an activity-based fundraiser, like a Read-A-Thon, share your personal goals and your past experiences. If you can, talk to your family in person about your fundraiser and then follow that up within 24 hours with an email or text message that directs them to your donation page. If in-person is not an option, consider filming a video of yourself that makes it clear why their support is so important to you.

Family toasting at dinner table (maybe right after agreeing to make donation)

Ask About Donation Matching

Many companies offer to financially match donations made by employees to non-profit organizations and your school’s PTA is likely registered as a 501c3, which qualifies! If your family member’s company offers this, there is no cost to them and it can be an easy way to double their impact.

DID YOU KNOW? is a free platform that schools can use to run activity-based fundraisers

Thank Them For Donation

After a family member makes a donation, send them a thank you message and let them know that you plan to keep them update on your progress as you work toward your personal goal, if that is something you intend to do. This will not only prepare them for future messages that you will send them, but by showing your gratitude, they will be more inclined to donate again to your fundraisers in your future.

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Keep Them Updated

As you work to achieve your personal goal, periodically send emails (e.g. 1 per week) to your family with your progress and any notable accomplishments. The more that you communicate with them, the more that they will feel like they are a part of your journey. If you have a donation goal set, make sure that you mention how close you are to achieving it as your family members may be open to making an additional donation to push you over the top.

NEWS TO ME! offers a free award certificate generator because everyone loves having their accomplishments recognized

Sample Script

The best email that you can send that asks a family member for a donation is one that is personal and specific to you and them, but it can sometimes be difficult to find the right words. Here is a sample script that you can use to get started and hopefully you can change it to fit your exact needs:

Hi Aunt Shiri!

My school, P.S. 107, is hosting a Read-A-Thon from March 22nd through April 7th and I am writing you to ask for a donation in support of me and my school. This is the 3rd year that I will have participated in my school’s Read-A-Thon. In the last 2 Read-A-Thons, I read for 500 minutes and 800 minutes, and this year, my goal is to read for over 1,000 minutes, but I need your support to get there!

Copy and paste the following link into your browser to make a donation and leave messages of encouragement:

My school’s PTA qualifies as a 501c3, so if your company offers donation matching, it could be a great way to double your impact. The money being raised will go towards expanding the school’s library, providing healthier school lunches, and adding more art enrichment programs like dance, art, and theater classes.

Thank you very much for considering it.




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