Getting Started
See how easy it is to run Math-A-Thons and Read-A-Thons at your school

1Create fundraiser and send invites to parents

Each fundraiser gets a unique sign-up code that can be distributed to parents who can use them to set up personalized profiles for their children

Code is auto-generated when you create fundraiser

2Set activity and donation goals for the students

Administrators and parents can set goals for the number of math games solved or minutes read. Students see these goals in their dashboard and can choose to promote them in their personal donation pages

P.S. 107
Support Lucy by sponsoring their reading goals

The Read-A-Thon helps to raise money for P.S. 107 and encourages a love of reading among its students

Read 325 minutes
Across 7 reading sessions
Goal: 500 minutes
Example donation page with optional reading goal
3Ask friends and family to support students' goals

Parents can provide the names and emails of friends and family and we will share their child's personal donation page and ask them for their support

Hi Nana and Pop-pop,
I have some exciting news to share with you. I am doing a Read-A-Thon at my school, P.S. 107! A Read-A-Thon is a fun event where I read as many books as I can over a few weeks and raise money for my school.
Will you please support me and make a donation? Your donation will make a big difference and encourage me to read more books.
Click this button to make a donation and cheer me on:
Thank you so much for your support.
Example email sent to friends and family with link to donation page
4Track progress of students and donations

Parents and administrators can track reading time, math games attempted, and donations received in their dashboard

Example charts showing math games solved and donations received over time

Here is why we think you should choose us to host your next fundraiser

Low platform fees!

We do not charge set up fees

We do not sell your data

We do not ask your donors for tips

We do offer the best and most secure platform and the lowest price available anywhere. That means more money for your school and students, which means we all win!

  • 0% donation fee
  • Donations via Paypal
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Class, Grade, and School Leaderboards

Leaderboards are optional, but can be a great way to keep students motivated and excited to participate in your fundraiser! The leaderboards can also be reset at any point, if you would like to reward weekly winners. Student leaderboards are available on the class, grade, and school level and are based on total reading time or number of math games solved. Class leaderboards are available based on reading time, games solved, or total donations

Reset on Jul 19, 2024
Rank Name Reading Time
1 Lucy 59m
2 [hidden] 39m
3 [hidden] 21m
Rank Name Reading Time
1 [hidden] 1h 9m
2 Lucy 59m
2 [hidden] 39m
Rank Name Grade Reading Time
1 [hidden] K 1h 43m
2 [hidden] K 1h 38m
3 [hidden] K 1h 33m
Students' names are only visible to administrators

Auto-Generated, Online Math Games

In Math-A-Thons, students answer as many math problems as they can over a few weeks. Some schools choose to print handouts for the students to work on at home or in school, but we think Math-A-Thons don't have to be homework and can be fun! With, students solve simple, but grade-appropriate math games online that follow the common core math curriculum and get instant feedback. Students get excited as they watch their number of games solved counter tick upwards and inch closer to their goal.

Many schools choose to hold Math-A-Thons over the summer because by that point, students will have learned all the curriculum and the Math-A-Thon can be a fun and competitive way to review it. This can also help to combat the dreaded "summer slide"!

Apple illustration by Kewal
Apple illustration by Kewal
Apple illustration by Kewal
Apple illustration by Kewal
Apple illustration by Kewal
Apple illustration by Kewal
Can you answer 10 correctly?
Explore all the math games in our practice area

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Your school should have sent you a "Fundraiser Code". Once you have that, click the Create Account button. After you complete the sign up process, you can then create a Student profile and that is where you will enter the "Fundraiser Code". If you already have an account, you can create a new Student profile by clicking on your name in the top right after you have logged in and clicking the "Add Student Profile" link.
Yes, we are COPPA compliant. I encourage you to read our full Children's privacy policy, but in short, we collect very little personal information from students via their parents or guardians and only the information needed for the fundraiser they are participating in. We never sell data to third-party services and we delete all student personal information shortly after the completion of a fundraiser
You can always send us messages at our Contact Us page and a representative will get back to you shortly.
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