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PTA Email Strategies for Boosting Read-A-Thon Participation

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Parents are often inundated with emails from teachers and PTAs, so when your fundraising event is approaching, it is important that any emails you send out have a clear purpose and action. Whether you’re organizing a Read-A-Thon or another exciting initiative, well-crafted emails can make all the difference. Let’s dive into a strategic email schedule that ensures your message resonates with parents.

Email #1: 4 days prior to event

Goal: Build Awareness and Understanding Action: Sign Up Today

In this initial email, introduce the fundraiser. Explain its purpose, highlight the impact it will have, and invite parents to participate. Keep it concise and engaging—remember, busy parents appreciate brevity.

Email #2: 1 day prior to event

Goal: Remind Parents to Sign Up Action: Make The First Donation

As the event approaches, send a friendly reminder. Emphasize that it’s not too late to join. Encourage parents to sign up and kick off their fundraising journey by making the first donation. A clear call-to-action (CTA) is essential here.

Email #3: 6 days into event

Goal: Generate Excitement Action: Record Reading Time Online

Now that parents are onboard, inject some excitement! Share updates—maybe a leaderboard or fun facts about the Read-A-Thon. Remind them to log their reading time online. The more engaged they feel, the more likely they are to spread the word.

Email #4: 2 days before end of event

Goal: Encourage the Final Push Action: Send Update Emails to Friends and Family

As the finish line approaches, rally the troops. Encourage parents to reach out beyond their immediate circles. Remind them to share progress updates with friends, family, and colleagues. Personal connections can make a significant impact.

Email #5: 1 day after end of event

Goal: Announce Winners Action: Bring in Cash Donations

Celebrate the participants! Announce winners, share success stories, and express gratitude. Remind parents that cash donations are still welcome.

Email #6: 3 days after end of event

Goal: Show Appreciation Action: Thank Participants and Administrators

Finally, express your heartfelt thanks. Acknowledge everyone who contributed—the parents, teachers, and administrators. Their efforts make a difference. A little gratitude can foster lasting goodwill.


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