How to Host a Math Fundraiser

Hosting a math fundraiser, also known as a Math-A-Thon or math marathon, can be a rewarding and impactful way to support your school or organization while promoting the importance of mathematics. Whether you're aiming to raise funds for new educational resources, extracurricular activities, or charitable causes, a math-themed event can engage participants of all ages and skill levels.

In this step-by-step guide, we'll focus on setting up a math fundraiser in the platform. Refer to our complete math-a-thon guide for tips and suggestions for planning, promoting, and gathering feedback on your events.

1Register for a free account

There is no cost to create an account for you or for parents or students. homepage

2Create a fundraiser

Once logged in, click on your avatar and select the "Start New Fundraiser" option. dashboard when first logging in

3Enter school information

If your school or organization is a 501(c)(3), enter the business name and EIN, so donors will receive donation receipts and corporate matching instructions. We recommend 2 weeks for the duration of your event.

Fundraiser settings page

4Set participant goals

You can set a fundraising goal for the school and for each participant, as well a goal for the target number of problems solved. You can later override these on the class level and parents can set their own goals if they choose.

More fundraiser settings

5Enable leaderboards

You have the option to enable leaderboards, either by class or by individual, which we recommend to help promote healthy competition. Students only see their own name on the individual leaderboards and parents can still opt out of them if they prefer.

Even more fundraiser settings

6Select payment method

Choose how you want to receiving the proceeds from the donations. Your options are PayPal or direct to your bank account. View our pricing page to learn more about the differences

Payment method options

7Add classes

You only need to add the classes that will be participating in your fundraiser and individual student names as they will add themselves. For each class, you set the grade level, teacher's name, and donation and math goals for each student in the class.

Add class participating in Math-A-Thon

8Invite parents

We provide an email template that you can use to send to parents inviting them to register for your Math-A-Thon, but feel free to edit it however you choose. The key is to provide parents with the 6-digit "Fundraiser Code".

Send invitations to parents inviting them to register for the Math-A-Thon

9Parents create student profiles

Parents can then register for a free account in their name and then create profiles for their children.

Parents create student profile

10Select classes and goals

When setting up the profile, parents select the class and student goals. If set, these goals take priority over the school or class goals. If individual leaderboards are enabled for your fundraiser, parents can choose whether they want their students to participate in them.

Student dashboard

11Student plays math games

Students can then play math games that progress through the entire year's curriculum, but students can skip any games they want and they will automatically move onto the next level. Once they go through all the types of math games available, they will randomly be shown games of all types and the website will encourage them to surpass their personal math goals.

Student plays math games

12View hints with visual aids

If a student is stuck, they can view a hint that will show them a visual guide and explanation that helps them arrive at the correct answer.

Math game hint

13Or complete walkthroughs to problems

If the student answers the problem incorrectly, they will be shown the same visual guide, but with the correct answer highlighted.

Incorrect answer to math game

14Or celebratory fireworks

When a student answers a problem correctly, they see a quick, celebratory fireworks display and a counter will update letting them know how many additional games they need to solve to move on to the next level.

Correct answer to math game
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