How To Use The Break Apart Method To Simplify Addition & Subtraction Equations

Break apart is a strategy for simplifying addition and subtraction equations by decomposing numbers into rounded values

The Break Apart method simplifies addition and subtraction equations by decomposing numbers into manageable parts. It provides a systematic approach to perform arithmetic operations, especially useful when dealing with complex calculations involving multi-digit numbers.

The Break Apart method involves splitting one of the numbers in the equation, like a number bond, so that adding or subtracting part of it from the other number results in a rounded value.

To use the Break Apart method for an addition equation:

  1. Start with the first number in the equation.
  2. Break down the second number into parts such that adding the first part of the number to the first number results in an easily rounded value. Use this part to augment the first number.
  3. Continue breaking down the remaining portion of the second number until the remaining amount can be easily added to the sum previously calculated.

For example, let's consider the addition equation 58 + 7:

  1. Begin with 58.
  2. Break apart 7 into 2 and 5, and add 2 to 58, which results in 60, a rounded value.
  3. Add the remaining 5 to 60, resulting in the final sum of 65.

Subtraction equations follow a similar process to addition equations, but after the second number is broken apart, the first part is subtracted from the first number with the goal of making that intermediate value a rounded number.

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