How To Use Number Bonds For Addition And Subtraction Equations

A number bond represents a number broken into smaller parts to understand and memorize its addition and subtraction relationships

Number bonds provide a visual representation of a number broken up into smaller parts. Number bonds help students identify and remember how numbers can be decomposed, which enhances their ability to perform mental calculations and solve mathematical problems efficiently.

Here's how to use number bonds:

  • Start with a whole number representing the total quantity.
  • Break down the whole number into 2 parts, so that the 2 parts add up to the whole number.
  • Show the relationship between the whole number and its parts by placing each number in its own circle, and drawing lines between the whole number and each of its parts.

For instance, here is how to create a number bond for 7:

  • Break down 7 into 2 parts that together add up to 7.
  • In this example, we'll choose 5 and 2, but 3 and 4, or 1 and 6 would work as well.
  • Place each number in its own circle and draw lines between 7 and 2, and 7 and 5.

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